About Us
EURO-PAK d.o.o. Bugojno was associated in 1997 as a catering sugar packaging company. Since then we have grown into a leading BiH supplier of all sorts of food and non-food products and cigarettes packaging foils. The company runs the production process in its own facilities of 2,000 m?. Company employes over 20 people in its business units dealing with itnernational forwarding services at the Izačić border crossing near Bihać and Travnik Customs Office . Nowadays, the basic company's businesses include trade in polypropylene, polyester, plasticized paper, newspaper wrapping, cake packacking boxes and manufacturing thermo-shrink foils and catering sugar.

All products are delivered to client's designated address. We are also agents and dealers of leading world companies for Bosnia and Herzegovina and ex-Yugoslavia. All products in our range are covered by European and world certificates as regulated by strict food articles packaging and storage regulations and they are eco-friendly, biodegradable and does not have a negative impact on human environment.